15 Beautiful Cakes For Celebration Inspiration

Imploding Honey Custard Cake, Lady and Pups
Imploding Honey Custard Cake, Lady and Pups

The beginning of a new year is, ideally, supposed to bring a lot of good things. You are supposed to be starting off on The Right Foot, and everything should be set in motion for the year ahead. Personally, and for several people around me, I know it’s been a really wild and tough 2015 so far! Some people say it’s Mercury Retrograde (good sweets for this here), but I think it’s just one of those times in life where we can’t really explain why things are strange and difficult, constantly changing. However, one thing that will always be there and will always be interesting and exciting is: beautiful cakes. At least that does it for me! To keep my brain fired up and to pass on some pastry dreams to you, I put together a gallery of what I’ve found from MY inspirations. Let’s plan on beautiful, delicious sweets for the rest of this year.

I hope this finds you exhaling from your week, and breathing deeply in to your weekend ahead. 

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