Bakery Style – Designing A Bakery

Navigating the bakery’s style is so exciting! I get to start with nothing but some imagination and dreams, and really have all of the possibilities open to me. I’m learning amazing skills my friends and family members have in the DIY department that I never knew about (thank goodness, because that is not my forté!). The final decisions haven’t been made on everything yet, but a few pieces are already in place – including a large, custom statement table. Stay tuned!

Here’s a peek into what is inspiring me now. I’m excited to see how it evolves and melds to exhibit Goldenrod’s signature style. 

designing a bakery goldenrod pastries 2.jpg


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Happy Spring!

Photo credits to: Holly Becker, Design Milk, Daisy Pickers, Georgiana Paraschiv, Coblonal Architecture, My Blue and White Kitchen

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