Notes From The Bakery – October 11, 2015

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Photo by James Creel


There are a lot of topics that buzz through my head that I want to share with you – and I’ve always tried to stick with one topic per post, but I think it makes more sense to keep you updated, covering the topics that are currently brewing at the bakery. So, enter our new series “Notes From The Bakery”.


What’s most interesting about Goldenrod Pastries now is that, at some point in the past six weeks, it changed from being what kind of felt like a tourist stop, to being That New Bakery. Somewhere along the way, people have become regulars and we’ve gotten to know your family members and friends, and you give us suggestions for anniversary date nights, and we remember what you like and don’t like, and we are thrilled when you bring in your brand new baby to show us after we waited all summer. This bakery was always supposed to be a cool testament to fulfilling your dreams and throwing powdered sugar in the air as your job. It still is that, but I think I love it even more as That New Bakery. We are rolling out new fall sweets every couple of days, which is exciting and wonderful.

There’s a lot of grit that goes into running a food-based business that you don’t hear about much. We see so many cute images coming through on Instagram and Facebook that rock our worlds, but there’s a lot that you don’t see. I’ll be posting in-depth about the other members of Goldenrod Pastries later this week and how invaluable their contributions are to our daily operations. Honestly? It’s mostly a lot of cleaning. And feeling dirty and run-down and barely put together. As a business owner who focused her work heavily on the beauty and charm of following a dream and the sweet life behind it, it’s been really difficult to personally grapple with the ugly grit. Wonder why we don’t post a lot of selfies in the bakery? It’s the grit. I’ve spoken with a lot of people who are hopeful about starting their own businesses, food and otherwise, and the wisest request for mentorship I’ve had is this: “Can I just come in early with you some day and see if I even like this kind of thing? The whole being up early and cleaning and stuff?” It was such a brilliant and unusual request, that it caught me completely off guard! When small business advisors tell you to do your homework on the finances and the market and your ideal customer – remember that you should probably walk a mile in the shoes of someone doing what you think you want to do! After many years of working in kitchens, I knew what was waiting for me, and was terrified – but I still had no idea what was waiting for me. 

We are honored and thankful that you support this little bakeshop. And that you’ve stuck with us through the ups and downs that have already existed in the first several months (we’re coming up on six big ones!!). It’s very cool to me that you visit us and buy your sweets from us. We bake for you because we love it. Seriously, it’s the best job in the world to feed people and watch you share food and drinks with your friends. Thank you for letting us be a small part of your world.

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