Goldenrod Summer Partner Series: Grow With The Flow Aquaponics

grow with the flow goldenrod

Welcome to our summer series on Goldenrod’s partners! We are so thankful for the love, work, and care that our local vendors put into their products, and would love to share more about them with you.

*On June 12th, Grow With The Flow is hosting an Open Farm for anyone interested in learning more about aquaponics or their involvement in the local food community. To see their work before then, stop by the bakery and ask for a snack with edible flowers!*

Grow with the Flow is Nebraska’s only aquaponic farm, and Goldenrod’s local source for edible flowers. Grow with the Flow, affectionately called GWTF, uses a system of fish, filters, and plants that defines the unique agricultural style of aquaponics. The system, reliant on natural processes, allows GWTF to be more sustainable and efficient than traditional agricultural practices.


In addition to environmental sustainability, GWTF is dedicated to the local food community they share with Goldenrod. When speaking about the partnership between Goldenrod and the farm, Jeff Jirovec of Grow with the Flow, “We are proud to share a core market of consumers who care about their food and what goes into it.” 

When we contacted GWTF about how much we love using edible flowers, but wish we could source them locally, they realized that so many varieties of flowers they were already growing could be used on pastries – giving them that little *special touch* everyone loves!

More About Grow with the Flow Aquaponics can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and their website. On



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