#RandomActOfPastry: more than just sweets

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Have you ever been blindsided by kindness? You know, like when you order at the coffee shop and the person before you has already covered your order? It doesn’t matter if traffic was horrible or your day at work was exhausting, it all melts away with the reminder that there are caring people in the world.

That’s the idea behind #RandomActOfPastry, but instead of coffee, we’re talking about delicious sweets, and instead of strangers we’re talking about people you know and love. It’s so easy to forget to thank the people in our lives that have impacted us the most. We often take them for granted. It’s time we let them know how grateful we are for their existence.

The rules for this game are simple, just make it random and tell us about it. It doesn’t take a special occasion for a #RandomActOfPastry. It can be because it’s a Monday, because it’s been a hard week, or for no reason at all. Deliver the sweets to a friend, a family member, a coworker, a partner, or whoever! They can be at work, home, school, or anywhere in between. The more unexpected it is, the better. The possibilities are literally endless.



To keep the random acts rolling, we’re offering 25% off a pastry purchase to whoever posts about their #RandomActOfPastry, using that hashtag. It doesn’t matter if you were the giver or the receiver, we want to hear the story from both sides. Tell us about your overflowing gratitude for this person. In case you need examples, the gals here at Goldenrod will be posting their random acts and stories to kick off things this week.

Brighten the day of someone who has illuminated your life. Who will you #RandomActOfPastry?


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