Sweet of the Month: Lesley (Learning to Fika)

Our Sweet of the Month is Lesley! She’s been a part of the Goldensquad since January 2017 – last month! Lesley knew she was destined to become part of our family when she first walked in and fell in love the natural elements combined with simple industrialized details that make up Goldenrod’s aesthetic. 

Ever heard of Orsamål? It is a dying Scandinavian language that Lesley studies. During her undergrad, she lived in a village of 300 in Sweden where she devoted her time to studying Orsamål and organic farming. The next destination this Scandinavian-loving lass is planning are the Faroe Islands, squished between Norway and Iceland!

Fika, the Swedish word for taking a pause in your day to sit down with people and share pastries and coffee, is the essence of Lesley. Her favorite pastry from Goldenrod that she may enjoy whenever she has time to fika, is the chewy almond cookie. 

When she isn’t exploring the globe, Lesley is spinning yarn, writing music for her autoharp, studying traditional crafts and outdoor education, or tending to the goats and vegetable field at Shadowbrook farm. Basically, hygge – a Danish word for extreme coziness no matter the moment – is Lesley’s life. Respect warmth for each other and the environment that we all share.

If you’re ever in the shop, make sure you ask her about her amazing adventures – she has plenty and would love to share them with you! We’re very happy to have her as part of our team!

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