Little Love Letters


Dear edible glitter,
Thank you for adding a little extra bling to the pastries and making everyone go “ooooh”.

Dear Cultiva,
Your coffee saves us on a daily basis and makes our sweets taste even better.

Dear big bay windows,
Without you, we wouldn’t see so many puppies walk by.

Dear Valentine’s Day,
We love having a day celebrating all forms of love. And a holiday that gives us an excuse to put pink frosting and heart-shaped sprinkles on everything? Yes, please.

Dear pink boxes, 
You make our days better. Thank you for holding so many goodies.

Dear week of sun and record-setting high temperatures that we just had,
We like you, but maybe see you in April instead? We want a snow day!

Dear feather boas,
Thanks for making our store windows cute in February.

Dear employee snack table,
Thank you for holding our treats and bringing us together.

Dear caramelized onion dip from Trader Joe’s,
SUCH. A. GOOD. SNACK. (when we aren’t munching on sweets)

Dear ladies of the shop, 
You make the tastiest sweets, welcome customers with the biggest grins, and empower each other every day. Thank you so much.

*The idea for this blog post came from Love Taza’s post here 

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