Sweet of the Month: Maggie

A mother of a baby and two basset hounds?? Our Sweet of the Month, Maggie, certainly has a lot of love surrounding her!


Having a gluten allergy herself, our Pastry Angel first fell in love with Goldenrod when she found out about all the delicious GF pastries that we have to offer. It was a match made in heaven for this foodie when she joined in August 2016 and we are so happy to have her! Maggie’s ultimate favorite part of working at Goldenrod is when customers who can’t have gluten get excited when they find out they can eat our pastries!

Maggie makes sure to appreciate the little things in life, such as coffee, sushi, and our lemon bars (her favorite)!! When she visited Hawaii on her honeymoon, it was the details that made her fall in love with the islands, specifically the waves, seafood, and the people.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 3.43.41 PM

A self-prescribed “dog freak”, she is always taking photos of Bill Murray and Gertrude, but won’t turn down petting anyone else’s pups! Her love of life is contagious and you’ll more than likely catch it if you strike up a conversation with her next time you’re in. She is a perfect addition to the Goldensquad, and we are so happy she chose to work with us!

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