Little Love Notes (pt. 2)

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Dear fresh local rhubarb that is tangy and pink and perfect,

You make our world go round.


Dear new Kitchenaid mixer, named Dominic,

Welcome to the family. Prepare for a workout every single day. 


Dear bright pink, heart-shaped ottoman,

You’re the perfect thing to flop down on after a long day of baking.


Dear new shipment Fancy Sprinkles,

We are seeing gold.


Dear perfectly-iced cinnamon rolls,

Wow you have been looking good lately. 


Dear brand new juicer,

Thank you for helping us meet our daily veggie and ginger shot requirements.


Dear sweet man who loved his cinnamon roll so much that he told us it was “just delightful” three times,

You rock! Thank you for making our day!


Dear blue and white polka-dot pennant flags in our windows,

We honestly aren’t sure if our shop has ever looked so cute.


Dear lemon cookie sandwich,

You taste the way spring feels, and that is amazing.


Dear antique wooden bench that is outside our shop,

A piece of furniture that allows us to bask in the sun while sipping on Cultiva coffee and munching on pastries = perfection.


Dear vintage aprons that darling Lesley brought in, 

We get to look even cuter now because of you.


Dear Goldenrod customers who allow us to do what we love,

You’re the real MVP!

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