Sweet of the Month: Natalie

Natalie is a Sweet of the Month at Goldenrod, and has been a member of the pastry family since September 2016.  A dog mom of two loving golden retrievers, Rosie and Lola, Natalie spends a lot of her free time being the professional photographer for the pups’ Instagram when she isn’t swooning over the smells of Goldenrod (her favorite part of the job)!

Lahaina Banyan tree in Hawaii, the largest tree in the United States, is Natalie’s favorite spot in the world because of it’s sheer massiveness. She got to visit this past summer on a trip to the island state, and would love to go back as soon as possible! 

A plate full of tacos, a glass of wine, her dogs, and relaxing on a beach would be this Pastry Angel’s ideal day. But until then, she’ll be more than happy to help you select a pastry or two from Goldenrod. Ask her for a suggestion, and she’ll say one of our pound cakes or the chocolate chip espresso sandwich – she just can’t choose between the two! 

Make sure you say hello to her next time you’re in the shop! She’ll be more than happy to show you pictures of her pups and tell you tales of her adventures. Natalie is a ray of sunshine she’ll be sure to brighten your day! She certainly brightens ours whenever she’s around! 

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