Paying It Forward With Pastries


You Are Loved, and we want everyone to remember this. Our #RandomActofPastry campaign is expanding to allow you, our dear shop visitors, the chance to spread the love even more. 

The next time you come in to pick up your weekly treat of macarons or cinnamon rolls, snag a #YouAreLoved card, write a quick message, and purchase a pastry for another customer. This allows you to put something good back into the world, and those who have never been in before, or are having a bad day will have the opportunity to enjoy a pastry free of charge

The purpose of the campaign is to create a domino effect of good deeds throughout the community. So next time you’re in the shop, swing by and purchase a pastry for someone and spread the love! Or the next time you need a pastry pick me up, come snag one!  

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