Q&A With Our Owner, Angela!

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Hi! Owner Angela here. We are three years in as Goldenrod Pastries, the business, and two years in as Goldenrod Pastries, the bakery. It’s been a wild, fun pastry ride and we have made a lot of new bakery friends. I just wanted to pop by to say HI! and introduce myself to all of our new friends. 

First thing’s first: I really love Goldenrod Pastries with all of my heart. This is my girlhood dream come true. I get to come to work everyday, happy that I have my hands in dough, that I get to snack on my favorite treats, and that I get to work with truly the nicest, most wonderful group of women I could imagine.When the bakery opened, I was the only employee – because I was naïve and thought I could run this place on my own. Yikes. Thanks to this group of 13 ladies, it runs smoother than ever. I love our customers.

I was the only person helping customers for a long time. I don’t get to do that as much anymore, and I really miss being able to talk to everyone who walks in – getting to know you, your families and friends, your dogs. I always love the days when I get time to do this now. You’ve all become my friends, too. 

Thanks to our Marketing Intern, Margaret, for these Q’s! 

Q:Who’s your team outside of Goldenrod?

A: My husband Russell called himself Mr. Goldenrod once. He is very supportive – and thankfully is an amazing, trained chef who has had dinner ready for almost every single weeknight since I started this thing in 2014. We have two dogs and a cat who offer moderate moral support – but are incredibly cute. My parents bring breakfast to the Saturday morning crew every weekend – they make the best bacon ever. They also came in when I first opened to help with dishes before and after their days at work. My business is only successful because these people have done so much to help behind the scenes. 

Q: Goldenrod started as a blog – how did it become a bakery?

A: I stopped eating dairy in fall 2013 and realized I needed to learn how to bake for myself if I wanted to eat dessert, so I started learning new recipes. That resulted in starting a blog (this one!) for my new recipes while working a full-time job in international marketing. I started gaining followers through the blog and my Instagram account, and people ordered everything you could imagine – dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, etc.  I realized there was this whole group of people that couldn’t find fresh pastries to fit their dietary restrictions and preferences. I was baking before work, delivering cakes and going grocery shopping over my lunch hour, and baking every night and all weekend. Seemed like we needed another bakery in Lincoln! Fast forward nine months (and a lot of long hours, panic attacks, confusing moments, meetings, money, and approvals later), and ta-da! I opened in on Prescott Avenue in the College View neighborhood. 

Q: When did you start daydreaming about the store?

A: Easily by the time I was six. I spent as much time as I could watching the Food Network – Emeril, Ming Tsai, and Too Hot Tamales with Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken were my faves. I watched Emeril cut onions over and over, trying to figure out how to properly dice them myself. My mom baked for us almost every day. I helped as much as I could. Making divinity the weekend before Christmas with my mom and grandma was one of my favorite times of the whole year.

Q: What’s your favorite breakfast pastry?

A: My Polish grandmother’s peach coffee cake. She used to make it for my family when I was growing up – we’d stand around the island in our kitchen and pick at it until it was all gone. It has a layer of cinnamon roll dough, then peaches, then a vanilla crumble. I get to make it every day at the shop – and I think of her every time. Side note: She was kind of horrified when she found out I had taken out all of the butter in the recipe to make it vegan.

Q: What’s your favorite afternoon pastry?

A: Lemon pound cake, for now – it’ll probably change again next week. But something cake-y that goes great with coffee.

Q: What’s your favorite bedtime pastry?

A: Cookies. I love snacking on cookies in bed. My dogs love it, too.

Q: Is this place what you expected it would be?

A: Honestly, it’s a lot better than I expected! Also, a lot more challenging. I really just wanted to bake some treats and feed some people. Now I have somehow morphed into a manager, an accountant, a creative director, a janitor, a writer, a salesperson, and a baker. Making all of the bakery friends and getting to know other small business owners has been satisfying beyond belief.

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