New Late Summer Sips at Goldenrod

New drink alert! Iced golden milk and matcha lattés are joining lavender lemonade at Goldenrod’s drink party!


We house make cashew milk for the iced golden milk and blend it with turmeric and maple. Hailing from Southeast Asia, turmeric is a bright yellow spice that has an active ingredient in it called curcumin, which is shown to reduce inflammation

Our iced matcha latté is shaken with ice (gotta get that frothy top) for every order! Haven’t had matcha? It has a slight earthy flavor, has caffeine (less than coffee), and this latté is the best version of it we’ve had. 

Now what about this lavender lemonade we keep posting about? Short answer: it’s only the greatest thing ever. House made lavender syrup with fresh-squeezed lemon juice – mostly tastes like lemonade, but with a light floral note.

This is the beginning of a new seasonal drink menu that will debut every few months! We’re so excited for the drinks that are in store. Do you have any drinks that you’d love to see on our menu? Let us know if you have any recommendations!  *Please* be patient while we start creating these signature sips for you. 

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