Summer Pastries with Summer Produce

Summer produce is peak baking season, with a bounties of produce available at every turn. Bushels of rhubarb, sweet corn, nectarines, peaches, raspberries, lemons, zucchini make the recipe ideas flow, inviting you to experiment with them until you have the perfect sweet treat.

Take rhubarb for example, the tangy, pink and perfect vegetable is one of our favorites to use (you can read just how excited we are every year for that first shipment here)! Whether you bake muffins with roasted rhubarb and vanilla crumble, or lather preserves on top of a crumblebun, the recipes that highlight it are front and center. The recipes we have included require you to cook the rhubarb, causing it to release a smell similar to pure confectionary gold. 

Every so often, the ovens should be turned on in the summer to allow you to stretch your legs with rhubarb and work your wonders. An easy, moist, super customizable recipe such as this one for mini fruit cocktail cakes allow for just that. If you’re looking for a dessert to show off the gorgeous red of rhubarb, I recommend these rhubarb tarts with almond cream

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When I think of summer I think of stone fruit – peaches, nectarines and apricots all in one season is almost too good to be true. With the summer beginning to wind down, we’re saying goodbye to using these fruits slowly and gearing up for the harvest season. This vegan peach and rye upside-down cake will make you the hit at any labor day party. 

Then we have zucchini. We source ours from Cottonwood Farm, a little farm located just outside of Lincoln. Is there anything more scrumptious than a chocolate-zucchini cake with a dark chocolate glaze? These mini loafs are in the case and they’re a thing of dreams, much like this dairy-free zucchini bundt cake with a cashew caramel (like what??). The green flecks of zucchini throughout are so frickin’ rad. 

So many summer fruits can be turned into a preserve to be slathered between, on or in a sweet of some sort. Making an ooey gooey mess of fruit sounds like the perfect way to pass any afternoon. Our crumble buns have an ever-changing compote nestled in the sweet dough, beneath vanilla crumble. These VEGAN chai spice cookies with cherry preserves are an oldie but goodie and perfect way to use your surplus cherries. Plus, the cherries are mixed brown sugar and grated fresh ginger – anyone else drooling?

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Every summer, people across the world bake pastries with the two “L’s” – lavender and lemon. The new lavender lemonade we have in shop is the greatest thing ever, hands down, our most popular summer drink. Lemon bars, lemon tarts, and lemon cookie sandwiches – oh my! Cool off with our recipe for vegan raw cheesecake made with lemon and peaches. 

Sweet corn takes the cake, of course. Our sweet corn polenta cake is a thing of dreams! It is topped with a dollop of lemon curd, fresh berries, and of course glitter! Inside are little tiny jewels of local roasted sweet corn from Abie Vegetable People via Lone Tree Foods!  Abie Vegetable People is owned by third-generation Nebraska farmers, and consists of 30 acres of farmland outside of Abie, Nebraska. Lone Tree Foods  connects local farmers with wholesale buyers in Nebraska and Iowa, providing a variety of fresh local food year round. Buyers enjoy a one-stop shopping experience via our website or friendly sales staff. 

No matter what summer produce you use, or which recipe you try, I recommend experimenting to find what works for you! What may be a good fruit combination for one person, may not be the same for all. Happy eating! 

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