Pastry and Wine Pairings with Bin 105

We partnered with Bin 105, a local wine store, located at 105 North 10th Street to pair pastries and wine. Because what is better than sweets and vino?

We met with Steve Blazek, the owner, about which wines he would pair with our pastries. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Steve and his wife Regina at their shop, you just have to get there ASAP. They make wine incredibly accessible (follow their Instagram and Facebook for all the updates). It’s so nice to just say, “Hey, this is what I want to spend, this is what I’m eating… Can you help?!”. They’re there to help!

Below are Steve’s recommendations.

Winnings Riesling, 2015, Germany – $23.00


German Rieslings are categorized by how ripe they are when picked (indicating the sugar levels within the grape). The higher the sugar level, the sweeter the wine and more potential for alcohol depending on the winemaker’s vinification methods. Although sweet, this wine was relatively acidic, meaning it would pair well with a gooey pastry, cutting through the sweetness. Try pairing this wine with a cinnamon roll, a crumble bun or slice of peach coffee cake to cut through the gooey sweetness. The creamy cheesecake texture sometimes makes it difficult to pair with wine, but the fruity and light acidic-ness of  riesling complements the rich notes of the cheesecake! 

Breca Garnacha (Grenache), 2014, Spain – $21.00


Selected from only the finest Spanish hillside vineyards located 3,000 feet above sea level. Garnacha wines of Spain are unique in the fact that they easily take on the characteristics of the land on which they are grown – the aromas will range from sweet, fresh and fruity to intensely mineral. And, although first originating in Spain, this grape can now be found in Southern France, Italy and the US – where it is more likely to be called Grenache.While Garnacha originated as a blending wine, and this one in particular is very full-bodied, and low in acidity. The deep blackberry flavors is great with dark chocolate, such as our chocolate zucchini cakes. This was perhaps our favorite pairing!

Beaujolais, 2015, France – $17.50


Beaujolais is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, producing versatile, expertly crafted wines by dedicated winemakers for over 2,000 years. The region produces white wines, rosés and light red wines which are a refreshing alternative to heavy reds. This Beaujolais in particular is a red and pairs excellently with berry-flavored things, or milk chocolate. Because of their bright acidity, juicy berry aromas and soft tannins, it goes well with a Goldenrod brownie, peach frangipane bar, chocolate cupcake or roasted pineapple and coconut cupcake

Moscato d’asti, 2016, Italy – $19.50


This moscato will tickle your tongue, enveloping it with the little sweet bubbles. And what could be better with a sugary wine than a box of macarons? Moscato is light and would not overpower, and because of this, it would texturally compliment the wafer-like consistency of a macaron. One dozen please! If the little sandwich cookies don’t fit your fancy, maybe a slice of funfetti cake, cardamom layer cake, or lemon pound cake would do.  The peachy, floral notes and slight sparkle of a moscato d’asti compliments the soft center of cake.

Be sure to have fun with you wine and pastry pairings. Take risks and try pairings that you wouldn’t think would go together – OR just talk to Steve at Bin 105 and have him give you the best suggestion (seriously, you HAVE to meet him). The best part about food and drink is that it brings people together, and gives you room to be creative! Happy eating!

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