Sweet of the Month: Katie

October’s Sweet of the Month is Katie! This wonderful Lincoln native has been with Goldenrod since August.

Katie learned to cook at Auguste Escoffier, a farm-to-table culinary school in Boulder, Colorado. While here, she had the opportunity to work on the farms that the school sourced the ingredients from and learned how to grow mushrooms, make raw milk cheeses and more about composting (we’re jealous)! 

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She fell in love with animal-friendly eating after picking up a book entitled “The Plant Based Diet” when she was 18. What began as a month long challenge, has turned into her daily diet and she’s now going on SIX years. 

Hungry for comfort food? It’s Katie’s specialty and she makes it with a twist (vegan and GF) with her goal being to make good tasting food that is healthy for many. Katie ESPECIALLY loves potatoes, mostly because they’re so versatile and easy to cook. 

Katie fell in love with Goldenrod because of the inclusivity of the diet – and the glitter and edible flowers. Plus she says it doesn’t hurt having a squad of badass babes. 

“To come somewhere where you feel welcome when you work is a big deal,” Katie said. “And you can see that on the outside with Goldenrod.” 

When she isn’t at Goldenrod, you can find this yogi practicing her positions or knotting macrame – which she sells at Stella Collective in downtown Lincoln! Katie and her partner Cody are currently trying to visit all 50 states and love exploring hidden gems near or in Nebraska. 

You can find Katie baking behind the counter a few times a week, or snacking on a snickerdoodle cookie sandwich – her favorite! – when off the clock. 

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