The Goldenrod Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the holiday gift guide for all of our last-minute shoppers! Other than our pastries, Goldenrod is stocked with gifts for everyone on your giving list. 

1. Steven Smith Tea – From Portland, Oregon, Steven Smith is devoted to providing the best quality tea. Every delicate leaf and blossom are produced and hand-blended in-house, in small batches. In the shop we have Jasmine Silver Tip (full leaf green tea); Masala Chai (full leaf black tea); and Lord Bergamot (full leaf black tea). $14.99/box of 15 sachets


2.  Snowshoe Candy Co. Caramels – This candy company began in 2013 in Omaha as an “exploration of family recipes, sweet confections and local ingredients”! Ali Clark Yahnke makes her grandfather’s recipe and oh my GOODNESS they will melt in your mouth. $15/box of 18 caramels $3/snack pack of 4 


3. Fancy Sprinkles – Arguably the cutest sprinkles in all the land, we put our Fancy Sprinkles on everything! All of sprinkles in the shop are GF. $9/tin of emergency Fancy Sprinkles; $10/8oz. of Crunchy Jimmies; $9/4 oz. of Deluxe Sprinkles


4. Gray Duck Chai – No ducks are harmed in the making of this chai! From Minnesota, this chai has just enough spice to warm you as the cold winter months approach. $14.95/32 fluid oz. 


 5. Goldenrod Merchandise – As always, we have a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and stickers available in the shop! $15/t-shirt sizes S through XL ; $38/hoodie sizes S through L; $8/tote bag; $.50/sticker


6. Cookbooks – We have curated a collection of cookbooks that cover celebrations, dietary restrictions and/or are from female chefs and authors. 

  • Soup for Syria – Acclaimed chefs and cookbook authors the world over have come together to help food relief efforts to alleviate the suffering of Syrian refugees. Each has contributed a recipe to this beautifully illustrated cookbook of delicious soups from around the world. The profits from the sales of the cookbook will be donated to help fund food relief efforts through the United Nation’s UNHCR. $30
  • Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite: Food to Nourish the Body and Feed the Soul – Food writer and author Gizzi Erskine stuns with this cookbook. A feast for the eyes as well as a feast for the stomach with gorgeous photos and beautiful hand-drawn photos, it addresses the current trend of clean eating when it comes to food, providing an alternative way to eat nutritiously while still enjoying and savoring food. $30
  • Against All Grain: Celebrations – Featuring recipes for people with different diets for health or personal reasons, this cookbook eliminates the worry of creating inclusive dishes for various celebrations! Whether it be parties, holidays or events with strong food traditions, this book has something for everything. $35
  • Small Victories  – Julia Turshen has created a cookbook bringing refreshingly original recipes that simplify the process of making food. This book offers basic cooking lessons and endless inspiration for anyone, as well as hundreds of recipe variations. $35


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