January 2018: We’re Hiring!

2017Goldenrod-182 (1)We are so excited to add to the Goldenrod Pastries team – we’re looking to hire a Pastry Tech, to be part of our front of house Goldenrod team. See the job description below for more information.

Our company culture is one of the most important parts of our world. We are an inclusive, progressive, positive environment – and we LOVE treats. If you are looking to be part of a work family in a growing pastry world, you are in the right place.

Candidates can send applications to hello@goldenrodpastries.com, subject line should include GOLDENSQUAD.

Applications should tell us who you are, what experience you’ve had – anything you want us to know. 


Pastry Tech :

As a Pastry Tech at Goldenrod Pastries, you will be the first  face our customers interact with at the bakery. You are a self-motivated, hard-working person who loves food! You thrive on staying busy, taking ownership and responsibility for your work, and enjoy a fast-paced environment. You can contribute creatively to our overall brand and mission of beautiful sweets and working with alternative diets. You have some previous retail or foodservice experience. You are available to work up to 30 hours/week, including Saturday and Sunday. Most importantly, you want to be a respectful, creative, and empowering part of a strong team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Opening and closing procedures, which include tidying up, organizing drinks and pastries, and making the bakery look welcoming
  • Understanding alternative diets so you can best serve our customers
  • Consulting with customers on special orders
  • Ensure food quality and safety
  • Keeping inventory of commonly used, non-food items (e.g. boxes and other disposable items), as well as retail items
  • Cleaning, washing dishes, disposing of trash, mopping
  • Preparing coffee and tea for customers
  • This is the hardest responsibility of them all: You have to try our sweets on a daily basis. Rough work!

You can send applications to hello@goldenrodpastries.com, subject line should include GOLDENSQUAD.

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