The B.A.B.E. Bar!


The B.A.B.E. (Badass Babes Everywhere) Bar is our newest addition to the pastry case. It had a chocolate shortbread crust, rich chocolate ganache, dark chocolate crumb, and chocolate diamonds from local woman-run, bean-to-bar chocolate shop Sweet Minou.

Each B.A.B.E. Bar is made as a celebration of women and the strength and courage it takes to be a strong woman every day. And we want to honor that!

From now until February 13, you can submit the babes in your life to win a dozen of these chocolatey bars for a special Valentine’s Day treat. Each in-store purchase of a B.A.B.E. Bar gives you a chance to enter a name – our Goldenrod team members can explain it in more detail when you come in!

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