10 Things I Love About You: Confetti Cookie Sandwiches

2017Goldenrod-173 (1)

1. Your vanilla buttercream center. HOLY SMOKES. You could say it’s like white waves crashing on a confetti cookie beach.

2. The fact you can be twisted apart and made into two individual little cookies covered in their own frosting – OR 

3. When you’re nestled in wax paper in a pink box.  

4. You’re the life of any party! The party doesn’t start until you roll in.

5. The cookies are chewy in the center, crispy and flakey on the edges.

6. We love making the cookies, rolling the dough in a bowl of rainbow sprinkles – wishing we could jump in the bowl, too. 

7. The IDEA EXPLOSION we had when we turned our favorite cookies into a sandwich. 

8. The way the cookies squeeze around the swirl of vanilla buttercream 

9. We love seeing these sandwiches in between two little-kiddo hands. Can you imagine a better treat to have as a kid?

10. Last but not least, how you taste! Perfectly sweet. This cookie sandwich reminds us of the sheer simplicity and joy that food brings us. Unpretentious, happy, and perfect.

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