10 Things About Goldenrod


Our community is always growing, so it’s important we keep you all in the loop! Are you new to Goldenrod? There’s no time like our third birthday (this week!) to give you a quick run-down on who we are, how we started, and what we do!

  1. Goldenrod Pastries started as a blog by owner Angela Garbacz (me!) in 2014. I am classically trained in French pastry and have been working in kitchens for 17 years. In 2014, I was working a job in international marketing that didn’t fulfill the creative side of my brain, so I started this blog. Because of a new dairy allergy, I couldn’t eat or make the things I was used to eating and making. The blog chronicled my new dairy-free recipes and anecdotes from my life.
  2. Within a couple of months of launching the blog, so many orders were coming in that I was baking before work, gathering supplies over my lunch break, and baking all night and on the weekends. I signed the lease to this Goldenrod Pastries space in January 2015!
  3. We opened on May 16, 2015 and welcomed over 1,000 people into the shop that night. My family were the only other employees that night. We sold out in three hours.
  4. I started as the only employee, thinking it would be a fun venture to do on my own. I would bake treats in the morning, and then help customers and bake throughout the day. Those first few weeks were a whirlwind. We sold out early every single day. I finally asked my sister-in-law, Danielle, to join on after three weeks. She, conveniently, is also trained in French pastry! We now have a team of 11 really amazing employees.
  5. We cater to gluten-free and dairy-free diets – but our treats have been rigorously tested and tasted to be liked by people without dietary restrictions. We want to make items that are really inclusive and cater to as many people as possible. It can be a really lonely world when you have a dietary restriction and everyone else is eating cake but you – we want you to be eating cake, too!
  6. Goldenrod is a full-service bakery that is open six days a week. We have a wide variety of treats (over 25 different choices!) every day. This includes cinnamon rolls, French macarons, pound cakes, muffins, cake slices, cheesecake, and our infamous cookie sandwiches.
  7. In addition to our awesome daily selection of treats, we create custom cakes. Have a birthday? Give us a call
  8. The Crumble Bun is one of our favorite Goldenrod originals. (Okay, this is Angela writing and so I am just speaking for myself here!) It’s a sweet yeasted dough that has been rolled out, twisted up, and gently punched down in the center – to be filled with homemade preserves, curd, and roasted fruit.
  9. We are obsessed with social media! We love to keep our customers in the loop of what we are doing every day, and which items we are especially craving and loving. If you’re ever curious what’s in the shop, or if there are any updates – just check our Instagram or Facebook pages.
  10. One of our top goals is inclusivity. This includes how you eat, who you are, who you love – everything under the sun. Goldenrod always strives to be a safe place for you to be yourself.

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