Goldenrod Pastries Turns THREE! (a little third-year update from Angela)


Bringing you along for the ride is one thing that has always been really important to me since the start of Goldenrod Pastries. It’s been an exciting journey and I love all of the people who come into the shop and say they’ve been following along with Goldenrod since it was just an Instagram account, and then a blog. Goldenrod was always meant to be a sanctuary. A place to feel comfortable, where you can be yourself – whether that was through the blog at the beginning, or in the store. I created Goldenrod as a way for my voice to make the world a little kinder and peaceful. A place where we leave judgment at the door, expectations for perfection are lost, and we get to come together to eat, to talk, and to enjoy something simple. I wanted Goldenrod to project happiness and inclusivity through pastries. 

My team and I have worked tirelessly to make those goals a reality. It’s lofty to think you can do all of that through a little pastry shop, but we will always keep trying.


This third year feels really special. We’ve made some updates to the shop that you as a customer might not notice, but we really notice as a team! One really cool thing is that we were able to increase our refrigeration space within our teeny tiny kitchen, therefore allowing us to make you more custom cakes! We grew and revamped our back-room storage so we can always have back-up Goldenrod merch, cookbooks, gluten-free flours, and – of course – a million pink boxes to pack away your sweet treats. We even added an office to the basement! It’s modest, but it’s an office. 

And! Our team has grown! We added two new bakers in August to keep up with baking custom orders and restocking the case throughout the day (because who wants to come in at 5pm to see an empty case?!). The baking team feels seamless, solid, and I’ve never laughed so hard in a kitchen. Our hospitality team also grew! We added two new positions to make sure we always have enough people staffed up front to keep your wait times at a minimum, and to keep our store in good order. The greatest part of our hospitality team is their communication and respect for each other. I love watching them work and seeing how they communicate so much without ever having to say a thing. Pay attention to it sometime – it’s really a thing of beauty!

We refined our brand. The business has grown really quickly and we wanted our logo, our images, and our overall vibe to fit this evolution. Our social media team is always brainstorming new ways to show you what we are doing at the shop and to tell you about the treats we are most excited about. Because, at the end of the day, it really is all about the food!

I said at one point how inspiring it’s been to see life pass through this shop – how many families we’ve seen grow, graduations, new jobs, new puppies, engagements, and new favorite pastries. I should’ve been keeping track of it all. We love being able to see your kids grow up and experience milestones, like hearing them say new words. We love meeting your new puppies. We love knowing which pastries you love, why you love them, who they remind you of, and who you’re sharing them with. 



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