Holiday Giving at Goldenrod – We’re adopting a family!

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With our amazing, growing Goldenrod community – both as our team, and as our customers – we have the numbers to really make a difference this holiday season. I contacted Cedars last week and asked if we could adopt a family this season. We chose a larger family, because we are hoping to make a nice big impact through our large community!

All of the info about our family and what they need is listed here. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals. All donations need to be at Goldenrod by Thursday, December 6. We are delivering to Cedars on Friday, December 7,  so will not be accepting any donations after Thursday.


Veronica took in her four grandchildren earlier this year. They are all active kids, ages five and under, which keeps Veronica busy! Veronica never imagined that she would become a mother again at her age, but she is up for the challenge because she cares about these precious children and wants what’s best for them. She is exhausted at the end of every day but never complains, and always has a cheerful attitude.

Veronica is worried about providing basics for the kids, and even more so about providing holiday gifts for them. She would be grateful for any help she receives for the holidays.

All Gifts Should Be Unwrapped

  • Parent: Veronica
    • Gift ideas: book shelf, household items (including towels, blankets, and pillows)
  • Youth: Jordy, male, age 5
    • Clothing Needs & Sizes: 6 Jeans, shirts
    • Wish list/Gift ideas: Spiderman action figure, superhero toys, books, coloring books and crayons
  • Youth: Miles, male, age 4
    • Clothing Needs & Sizes: 5 Jeans and shirts
    • Wish list/Gift ideas: Batman toys, books, art supplies
  • Youth: Lauren, female, age 3
    • Clothing Size & Needs: 3T Jeans and shirts
    • Wish list/Gift ideas: My Little Pony toys, princess toys, books
  • Youth: Evan, male, age 2
    • Clothing Size & Needs: 2T Jeans and shirts
    • Wish list/Gift ideas: Any kind of toys, riding toys, big stuffed animals
  • Other family needs: Dresser for children’s clothing


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