2018 Holiday Cookie Box


We are so excited to present our 2018 Holiday Cookie Box! This is one of our very favorite projects of the year. It requires us to do some real thinking about what we love now, what we grew up loving, what adapts well to inclusive baking, and of course what looks beautiful together in a box! It’s a chance to be creative and imagine each little box at its final holiday party destination. Through the years at Goldenrod, we have seen these boxes be really fun as something to share with friends, a nice host gift, teacher present – or even just something to gift yourself. It’s a collection of goodies that are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, whether that means you are finally taking some quiet time for yourself – or sharing it with someone special.

Now! The main event! This is what our box contains!
We have: Walnut shortbread, decorated gingerbread and sugar cookies, peanut butter-chocolate thumbprints, coconut macaroons, flourless chocolate cookies – and one more cooke that is just getting its finishing touches!

I am really proud of this year’s box. We have a really amazing baking team, which allows us to create more complex and specific items than the past, and also means we have the baking power to do a larger quantity! We have also grown our marketing team, and custom order team – so we can share all of this goodness with you, and have your orders waiting for you just when you need them! Goldenrod is booming with holiday cheer this season.

To order, give us a call or send an e-mail: 402-486-4103 // orders@goldenrodpastries.com



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