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JLS Photography
JLS Photography
Our owner, Angela, joined forces with Sydney Brown in 2015 to contribute to the growth of cycling in Lincoln. 
Sydney, who had just finished her PhD and was returning to cycling, and wanted enthusiastic beginners willing to commit time and effort for a period of four months.
“We hypothesized that if beginners were to do that, they would see such rapid progress and have such fun,” Sydney said. “It has worked splendidly.” 
Sydney said that with Goldenrod Pastries Cycling, she wanted to create a place where new riders and racers – especially women – can get proper mentorship, establish healthy and supportive friendships with other cyclists and have a place to develop their skills in the sport, fitness and nutrition.
The team was founded on the following ideas:
  • People are more likely to stick with something when they can see their own improvement and are embedded in a supportive community. 
  • To grow the sport, it’s important to find people outside of their own extensive social networks. 
  • The riders who need the most sponsorship help are beginning enthusiasts because initial investment in kit and equipment can be prohibitive. 
Kathryn Kuczaj Photography
Kathryn Kuczaj Photography

Club members may participate in “book clubs” to learn about training and nutrition for athletic performance as well as holistic growth. This upcoming spring they are planning to read the book “Peak Performance.” 

Goldenrod Pastries Cycling will grow to have club and team levels. Club-level riders participate in all aspects if desired, including competitive events, but have no obligations to race or to lead club initiatives. Team-level riders will have an array of obligations, but receive additional support in the form of kits and equipment. In cycling, a club is the umbrella organization and under that umbrella may be many teams. Sydney is currently pursuing her official USA Cycling level 3 coaching certification to ensure that Goldenrod Pastries Cycling’s riders’ development will be aligned with the recommendations of the governing body. 

“I would like Goldenrod Pastries Cycling to be a community focused on fitness of body and mind with a culture of mutual support and engagement,” Sydney said. “The racing is secondary, but provides an important performance incentive.” 

Anyone interested in being a part of the club has to fill out this form, and you do not have to be from the Lincoln/Omaha area! 

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