Goldenrod Cookie Box: The LOVE Edition!


We had so much fun with the holiday cookie boxes in November and December that we decided to do a new edition! We are calling it The Love Edition cookie box – and it is available through the end of February. The box is totally gluten- and dairy-free, and the 18 cookies are exclusively available in these boxes!

Here’s a little more about the cookies:

  • Flourless chocolate fudge cookie: This is one of our absolutely faves – it has a slightly crunchy outside and a super fudgey, ganache center. 
  • Coconut-cherry thumbprint: One fun fact about this, is that it is the first cookie I (hi, it’s Angela!) ever made and sold as a baker in 11th grade (almost 20 years ago). It’s a super tender cookie, rolled in coconut flakes and gently filled with homemade cherry preserves. 
  • Red velvet cookie: This was an obvious choice, because red velvet is kind of the epitome of the Valentine’s season. I love this one specifically because the soft texture inside reminds me of the red velvet cake my mom made for every single birthday growing up. We roll it in sugar before baking so it has a really nice outside texture.
  • Persian love drops: These are near and dear to my heart and inspired by my good friend Ramin, who I met the very first day the bakery opened in 2015. He and his wife just visited his Iranian family in Turkey over the holidays, and he graciously brought back some Turkish and Iranian treats for me that were brimming with cardamom, rose, and pistachios. These little shortbread bites are full of those flavors – plus a little lemon – and they bring us so much joy.
  • Double-chocolate chip cookies: Can’t go wrong with a super soft and chewy chocolate cookie, packed with dark chocolate chips! Totally obsessed and delightfully perfect for this holiday.
  • Rainbow sugar cookie hearts: Our sugar cookies are one of the most popular treats we have ever made! They’re completely covered in rainbow sprinkles for this edition and is the cutest little iteration of this cookie.

Cookie boxes get all wrapped up to order, tied with a bow, decorated with a custom Goldenrod card. We hope you love them as much as we do. 

$26 for the wrapped box of 18 cookies. Order by calling us at 402-486-4103 or by sending an e-mail to They are available to pick up as of Friday, January 25! Can’t wait for you to try them!

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